Tự học Laravel: (2) Tạo View

Last time, I followed the flow until the Laravel framework displayed the page. 
This time, I will create and display a new page (view) by myself.


Create a contact page


Add settings for GET access to contact in routers/web.php.

// routers/web.php
Route::get('/', 'WelcomeController@index'); 
Route::get('contact', 'WelcomeController@contact');


Add a contact method to WelcomeController.php.

namespace App\Http\Controllers;
class WelcomeController extends Controller {
    // ...
    public function contact()  
        return "contact";

First, instead of using the view function in part (a), we just return the text. 
View http://localhost:8000/contact in a browser …

“Contact” was displayed

You can simply return the text.

Change to display the view.

    public function contact()
         return view("contact");

View http://localhost:8000/contact in a browser …

View [contact] not found.

I got an error. 
It has been said that View can not be found because it has not yet created contact.blade.php.


Create contact.blade.php The content is just HTML.

<!-- resources/view/contact.blade.php -->
    <h1>contact me!</h1>

View http://localhost:8000/contact in a browser …

contact me!

You could see a new page. 
It is a success.


You can do the following things.

  • Add Routing Settings
  • Add method to Controller and call View
  • Create new view and display

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